I addition The Survivalist app could link into flicker twitter FB, so that the users could share their skills that they practice and learn from the app, simple things from growing a garden, to hiking in the woods and more, the competitive nature and pride of 'doing things with your own two hands' motivates others to do the same when they can see it in affect, through social networking and also a point system to what works and what doesn't and why (in reguard a to info accessible on the app.) [over 10 years ago]
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Survivalist app. For iPhones and ipads, It would have information on everything from how to survive in different environments to 'ask the pros' sections. There is a large amount of Americans that have been thinking the economy would crash since Y2K. And Eco 'going green' is 'in'. I believe that this app would appeal to a mass amount of people, thus making it successful. It also offers a 'peace of mind' to many that are 'on the fence' about the state of the US economy [over 10 years ago]
Business Analyst/Project Investment
More diverse textile material resources, they are known for this, and it could broaden the craft. Not sure if it's small enoug though [over 10 years ago]
Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?