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Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1974
Employment:Worked with No -1 Indian MNC in Pharma, Telcom
Interests:Strategies And implemention to the finest Level.
Achievements:Took A protfolio of 1.65 Lks made it 68 Lakhs business which is landmark. Started with a NPA of Telco Co which was collecting revenues worth 35 laks made it a 3 crores in a year time
Expertise:Startegic management, Sales Management, reciveables
About Me:Sales, Marketing & collection Complete business life cycle worked for whole South India market, served as National Head services Now to do something for self

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I have a ready set up for 50 seaters in B'lore and 50 in Hyderabad looking for any process i have got my self 14years of experience in BFSG and headed Pan India in India's Largest Telco Company Looking for Porcess can any one help me [over 10 years ago]

Call Center process