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place a cadaver that did not make it on the campus quad. (similarly, this is how my father decided to quit smoking.) [over 16 years ago]

How to create awreness about organ donation while in college?

sweet idea! just make sure people can upload their own video-sorce avitars, with text-to-speech capibilities. [over 16 years ago]

How can I make a collaborative anime website?

food that would contain all nutrients and DNA-repairing materials needed. i think vanilla is fairly universal in its appeal. [over 16 years ago]

If you could have any food in spray form what would it be?

no. computers will be placed in the body. no need for a so-called cell phone relic, which functionality will be implemented as part of the human body, too. marshall mcleuhan (sp) said that we would wear circuitry under our skin. [over 16 years ago]

Will the Computers be completely replaced by the cellphone in the future?

i have talked to several very successful people. all of them say the same thing: if your idea is good enough, people will steal it. why make it extra easy for them? look at Steve Jobs -- "Steal from the best and forget the rest" -- I believe this is a quote that can be attributed to him. [over 16 years ago]

Would you risk posting a new venture idea online with hope to find seed funding

people with money are hounded with requests for VC. approaching the VC online is next to hopeless. instead, develop a kickin' business plan, put on a suit, rehurse what you are going to say, plan to be rejected 1000 times, but remember that it is a risky venture and do not forget to be polite and smile. friendliness and talent will eventually win funding. do not go online. people with money have better things to do with their time. face-to-face is the way to success. [over 16 years ago]

Would you risk posting a new venture idea online with hope to find seed funding

also think about the possibility of using thermocouple arrays in low-power applications. design circuits that have micro and nano-watt requirements. [over 16 years ago]

Bio-fuels using Algea instead of food crops.

please leave the algea and other natural resources alone! we're already heading down the path of destroying our ecosystem, in my opinion. look to depleating oil first, since we need to be able to think (the sooner we deplete, the sooner we can move towards energy policy that does not involve oil.) in my opinion our best hope for environmentally sound energy production needs are solar technologies and learning to use public transportation and/or human-powered transportation modes... [over 16 years ago]

Bio-fuels using Algea instead of food crops.

great sex and a host of headaches. [over 16 years ago]

What comes to mind when you think of weddings and marriages?

ask people what they like. let them expand on their list. let them expand on how to make thise things better. ask people what they hate. let them expand on their list. ask them how to make these things better. stay away from so-called "experts". [over 16 years ago]

How to build a brainstorming tool?