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Name:Surendra Kumar Tiwari
Location:Vapi - Gujarat
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):20
Education:Bachelor of Arts & Diploma in Distributions & Logistics
Interests:Own Transportation & logistics business
Achievements:Own logistics business
Expertise:Transportation & logistics Operation
About Me:I am a simple man.i achievements own business transportation & logistics sector.

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pls give me logistics business ideas from 25000 to 200000, send complete details in my id [email protected] [over 10 years ago]

How to achive my ambitions?

Hi,i am surendra.i want to start a new company transportation & logistics company, please give me brand name of long term a simple & small name. EXP.- GATI. Pls send a name in my e mail. id - [email protected] [over 10 years ago]

Suggestions for Logistics company Name