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invest in plots in tirunelveli in tamilnadu from rs 2 lacs onwards per cent. [over 11 years ago]

any body want to invest 10 coreds rupees(rs 10,00,00000 )miniumum or more i...

hi,i am looking investor for aparment construction in jointventure[land is available-investor give 40% to landowner]project in kallidaikurichi in tirunelveli district.800 sq,ft flats-each cost rs 20 lacs. totally 12 flats.[intial investment rs 40 lacs only] [over 11 years ago]

Looking for investor

give more ads. [over 11 years ago]

How could i be different as my competitors?

construct residential apartments in small towns [over 11 years ago]

dear friends i will give u buisisness ideas from 20,000 to 5 cr and we take !...