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Name:lavanya lanka
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1992
Education:i had completed B.Sc BIOTECHNOLOGY and doing my M.Sc in BIOCHEMISTRY
Interests:very intrested to start an Alternate fuel industry
Achievements:i have succesfully done a project on recycling the plastic and polythene and production of alternate fuel instead of petrol etc.., in my college biofest.
About Me: i know that starting an industry is not an easy task but i have many ideas to implement and i like to have someone to work with me on this project and those who are intrested to do please mail me @[email protected] and will you please suggest me any ideas related to this,......... thank you friends........

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i am intrested in your company please send me the details @[email protected] [over 10 years ago]

Opportunity to associste with USA based MNC

im intrested to join pls mail me @[email protected] [about 12 years ago]

Opportunity to associste with USA based MNC