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Hello everyone, We're looking for kidney donors, Very urgently. B+ve , O+ve, O+ and A+ve with I'd Proof for the amount of $320,000,00 and age should be 19 and above. Interested persons should contact this e-mail: [email protected] for more details Or call / whats-App +91-80507-736-51. [over 6 years ago]

dear friends i will give u buisisness ideas from 20,000 to 5 cr and we take !...

This is to inform the general public Male/Female who are healthy and %100 serious in selling their kidney should urgently contact Regal Hospital Bangalore. As we have a lot of patients who are here for kidney transplant,Our hospital is specialized in Kidney Surgery/transplant and other major treatment. Regal Hospital Resides in No.30, CMR Complex, Chokkanahalli Hegdenagar Main Road,, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064.e-mail: [email protected] - phone : +91-733-856-1178 [over 6 years ago]

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