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In simple words-Education & Good Governance...Rest all will come automatically. [over 11 years ago]

why india is behind in agriculture technology

If you invented the product.Why can't you be the product manager?You have put all your time emphasizing the value of the product.If you can market your product in good way.Your product will reach the masses.There is a saying:It's got to be not easy but worth trying it... [over 11 years ago]

How to approach software product managers to make use of a new technology in ...

Hi,All we provide cutting edge technology solutions ranging from financial and business applications.Customization on the particular product and emphasizing on the Quality.Its tailor made what we call.Double your profit.Feel free to drop in your [email protected] 8801710000 [over 11 years ago]

Small scale industry with help of ERP,HRMS,CRM Implementation improve busines...

I want to start up a solar plant.what is the prerequisite norms that should be followed.Before that i want to ask what is the initial capital that we have invest for that, then what about the profit margin in this business.Will it create social impact.Am from Kerala.My mail id : [email protected] [over 12 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?