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Name:prasad ravuri
Location:jangareddy gudem
Employment:Dairy farmer
Interests:My cattle is everything to me
Achievements:Bought a buffallows with my daily wage now I'm a owner 5 cattle

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I want to start a dairy farm , costing 30 lakhs sir if u r interested 80 percent profit is urs and work is mine.I have a land number is 9666700278 [about 7 years ago]

If anyone has good business then I can invest. Give ideas

I'm from India.I'm starting a dairy farm company. Need 50 lakhs investment. For 45 percent share.mam please contact if Ur interested. [email protected] is my contact+917885661144 [about 7 years ago]


It's a project of dairy farm for 50 murraah buffallows costing 50 lakhs.we can earn investment in secund year.and profits from there on.sir if Ur interested we can expand.if u don't like this idea sandle wood is a bit costly and long process investment. I can arrange the land.costing 3 lakh capital and yearly 50000 working capita can bring you 1.3 crore per acre for 400 sandle plants [over 7 years ago]


Red sandle cultivation is a good business .it costs 5 lakhs initial and 7 lakhs annual cost for twelve years.I can arrange stone red soil land and cultivate it.we can get 400plants at a market rate of 2-3 lakh that means we get 8 crore rupees after 12 years.hope u like it [over 7 years ago]

Business Opportunity !!!! Do you need Privat investor or loan

Thanks for Ur interest nagi sir and DK sharma sir I have land of 4 acre enough for ten murrah buffallows. Totally it costs 15 lakhs per project and returns guaranteed in 1.5 years.your capital will be guaranteed with 12% interest and 60% of profits or else 80%of profits if u don't need fixed interest.for project details what's app to 9666700278 [over 7 years ago]

hi friends i am from Delhi and have a Lighting product project

I need investor upto 4 to 10 lakh in dairy farming 80 percent profits will be guaranteed and agreement will be prepared.investment will be back in 1.5 years 70000 cow produces 5000 liters milk with 1,00,000rs turnover.maintenance will be 50000 so money returns mostly in first year .labour land animal doctor r ready looking for to is ours money is urs [over 7 years ago]

Investor looking for small investment business opportunity in Coimbatore Indi...