Make the liqueur formulation match preferences. "Anti-Martini" colored blue or lilac, w/ universal flavor appeal (vanilla, cranberry, mint, from "exotic" places) are ideas to mull over. [almost 15 years ago]
Please help me invent names and types of liqueurs.
Not my idea, but passed along from a retired regional distribution manager: "Any modern label that hints at sex, sin, or sophistication will sell." [almost 15 years ago]
Please help me invent names and types of liqueurs.
Adding to #1 (practically says it all beautifully): No matter what you read in the tabloids, you have to pay your dues. Everyone here is giving it away for free (all this advice, including mine), or even pay a fee to participate on BrainReactions. Have you done any research on local bands, e.g., who would sing what you write? [almost 15 years ago]
How do i get a band to sing my songs?
HousingTurnaround [almost 15 years ago]
Need name for new Real Estate service.PLEASE HELP !!!
Through honest portrayals in promotional materials to prospective students AND their parents, follow up through mandatory new student orientation, and notifications of local alerts, in addition to the basic security that used be provided to students @ a vulnerable class of people (meaning colleges going back to being responsible for security, trans, lighting, urging responsible behavior) ~ wow, 20th century, 19th century givens that are now too expensive to bother with, with OUR kids? $-driven? [almost 15 years ago]
How can safety on college campuses be improved?
Only adding ideas to #s 61 and 95, et. al. One has to adapt to the environment or be prey. Over 30 years ago, at a college orientation I attended @ a frosh in So Cal(i), the (mandatory attendance meeting) briefing of local crime was provocative, graphic, thorough, and urged one and all not being in denial about these factors. This college also provided campus trans, constant, empowered security, and lighting on common pathways + info update posters in all possible common areas, including bars. [almost 15 years ago]
How can safety on college campuses be improved?
MomPower [almost 15 years ago]
I need a name for my new web design business....
XPowerMom [almost 15 years ago]
I need a name for my new web design business....
SuperMom [almost 15 years ago]
I need a name for my new web design business....
I feel ease of navigation w/ common services (parking + cost, ACCURATE directions, full costs up front + preferred methods of payment readily visible and/or linkable, itinerary, and optional choices concerning notifications, other events, etc.) clinch the deal. Of course, prior to that, the website or other promotional materials better really make me want to spend time/money on getting to the "Buy Tix!) page. So, what kind of eye candy makes you want to go to an event? [almost 15 years ago]
what kind of features would you like to see on a online event organizer?
It would be truly brilliant if the truly important health issues like HIV, modern, holistic mental health treatment, routine, necessary health monitoring for pregnant women and minor children, and effective, Not-Anonymous care for the chemically addicted were something that this nation could count on. The prime time ads for drugs cost just @ much @ a Bud Light ad, right? So you pay for that, it. Market testing is not a substitue for safety testing. So much more benefit to lifestyle changes. [almost 15 years ago]
What will be the most important health policy decision in 2009?
Iron/steel smelters receive raw materials at ambient temperature ("room temperature"). A system to capture, cool down, and create usable blocks of lava can adapt this resource to current manufacturing technology. The geological nature of the lava will determine how it might be used. Some types of lava are pretty useless. The balance factor always has to be whether or not it is cost effective to produce. What type of lava is most adaptable to human demand? Determine that answer. [almost 15 years ago]
collecting flowing lava and sending direct to an onsite brick making machine
Products or product modifications to encourage common, everyday usage by seniors. [almost 15 years ago]
What is the "New Direction" in technology?
An eye mask w/ motion-detectors, sensitive enough to REM flutters but lightweight. One could input a window of wakefulness based on one's personal basal REM period. At the earliest time w/i that window of time, a standard alarm (or customized sound) wakes one while in a sleep rhythm conducive to awakening. [almost 15 years ago]
Ideas for the alarm clock
Wrangling artists=nailing Jell-O to a tree. It is up to you to determine what wastes your artist's time, unfortunately. Lotta work on your part, but Quick Bucks can't be part of the plan. Through thorough BG and goal-setting w/ your client, you "brand", you market shamelessly and with focused intent. If this sounds like gibberish, then a rethinking of your professional commitment to this process, and your relationship with the artist needs some hard evaluation. There are zero shortcuts to this. [almost 15 years ago]
How to manage pro artist graphist, without waisting time !
OK, Fellow Brain ReActors, so what kinds of site-provided incentives appeal to you? [almost 15 years ago]
What's the one thing you'd do to improve
Down to #1! Like a global classroom, there are all levels of expertise out here. A Users' Guide and FAQ additions would be helpful. And all those little incentive perkoids ideas... [almost 15 years ago]
What's the one thing you'd do to improve
Also relevant to #3 & #9: I like to read the ideas from the oldest idea to newest, and there always seems to be some kind of evolution. Depends on the question, though. Some questions are just about getting mass ideas to sift through. Voting is great feedback; I don't want any more e-mail, personally. I don't vote for myself, but vote a lot for others. Maybe through counting those chads that you generate, the site could offer some other little goodie like a free extra, private brainstorm. [almost 15 years ago]
What's the one thing you'd do to improve
The issue of feedback and rewards is very personal (8-9), how about for every 10 ideas you drop into the stream, you get a squeaky (squeak it by clicking on it), red bouncing nose that you keep for the rest of your session that day. So if you come up with 10 more ideas that session, you can save it for your next session. Come up with 100 ideas and you can keep the nose as long as you are a registered user. [almost 15 years ago]
What's the one thing you'd do to improve
ZoneT [almost 15 years ago]
A new blog, a new name?
Th Zone - no misspelling, but plays on the first two letters of your name [almost 15 years ago]
A new blog, a new name?
No Doubting This [almost 15 years ago]
A new blog, a new name?
allwalls - no clue if it's available or not [almost 15 years ago]
What should we name our computer security company?
For those students whose households have computers, send free e-cards for birthdays, holidays, family events, etc. Get the parents accountable to you via their (both work and home) e-mails. For children in households without a computer, they are invited to view their e-cards at school, then be taught how to print it out to share with their families. Make this a Hot Topic at Orientation, conferences and school get-togethers, so it becomes the happy buzz it should be all year. [almost 15 years ago]
How can I use technology most effectively in Elementary School Classes?
A collective of minds will come up with answers a lot more quickly than a lonely Thinker brooding over this huge task he/she has been stuck with (again). Or worse, asked for a challenging project (again) and is now really stuck. Or if you need a cool word, phrase or whatever, you can harvest all this free creativity. I just joined and am liking the water in the pool. [almost 15 years ago]
What's this tool for ?
Maybe more reasonable to think of how humans fall in the types of mishaps horses and riders get into, and create appropriate body armor for a safe riding experience. One has to be able to get away from a falling horse in a falling accident, so affixing the rider is very bad. The horse will twist and wallow (totally forgetting you are up there) to right itself, and you're not going to win. [almost 15 years ago]
What are your thoughts on the 'horse suit'?
Stone Harvest [almost 15 years ago]
Can I have some taglines for a Marble company?
Stonefarmers [almost 15 years ago]
Can I have some taglines for a Marble company?
You could totally rip off a certain popular Italian experience in Tuscany; create an "autobiosillyography" of your journeys. Make it light-hearted and about discovery, the joy of noting the differences as well as any "horrors" you may have encountered. Sort your materials by linear time line, experience, mood, flavor, region, whatever makes a good section or chapter. Include reproductions of ticket vouchers, your passport, vaccination forms/healthplan billing, etc. Don't do it just for money. [almost 15 years ago]
What kind of creative book would you be interested in about a country ?
Don't participate in office politics. Claim it's not your business because you are just an intern. Wear "Intern" like a badge, because interns should be in learning mode. Vent w/ people outside your company only. You might just find that you don't really need to clutch onto this work experience by making it an LTR. Don't ever be frantic, and don't ever allow yourself to say the word "stressed-out" in your workplace. Do #3 and #9 and you can't go wrong. [almost 15 years ago]
How can I impress people during my internship without appearing like a brownn...
Local = safe in the minds of the public. The market is by no means saturated, but creating trust in your food chain is essential now. People are really in the mood for lifestyle as well as political change. [almost 15 years ago]
What would you like to see in a Food Marketing & consulting firm?
Use as a watering system for your potted plants. Garden centers sell little terra cotta or plastic spikes that fit the bottle's neck. Once filled with water, one places the spike and bottle upside-down into the soil of the pot. It will replenish the moisture in the soil on an as-needed basis. Two-liter plastic bottles can be used exactly the same way:) [almost 15 years ago]
What are some creative ideas for using empty old wine bottles?
What's wrong w/ theinfinitedream? Kinda calls back to "Where do you want to go today?", but doesn't seem at all derivative. [almost 15 years ago]
Need a company name - HELP
Continuing oversight and support for both best environmental practices and technology are necessary through two generations of the population. Have to educate the children, too. [almost 15 years ago]
How can we help to improve the quality of life in rural areas?
Ideas 5-6 will naturally occur once the infrastructure is in place, which is what 1-3 propose to accomplish. [almost 15 years ago]
How can we help to improve the quality of life in rural areas?
Don't recharge your auto air conditioner ever again. I saved a hondo, based on the cheapest price I could find in the neighborhood, plus the mileage savings, which in my case = 5 MPG. This MPG savings will probably continue for 5 months. You'll be plugging in your own #s for fuel savings, based on how salty you get at the clerk when you have your Buyers' Remorse spasm. The math: $100 + (5 MPG X 5) = $$$$$$$$ Nicely amortizes the higher cost of fuel. [almost 15 years ago]
What are the best ways to cut energy usage?