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Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1990
Education:Bsc. MBA
Employment:Experience in automobile field
Interests:Interesting in Business with CNG
Achievements:I was achieved Best performer Award in marketing when I was work with Nissan Ltd.
Expertise:Business Development, Sales, Pramotion, Marketing, Advertising.
About Me:I am graduate in Bsc appearing MBA. I Have Experience in automobile, Event and Advertising industry. I want to start My Own Business.

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Mr Dhaawan. I am intrested. plz mail me detail about project. email- [email protected] [about 8 years ago]

25 lakh Project without Investment 4 Graduate Unemployed

Hi, I am interested in opening a CNG gas station in KOLHAPUR MAHARASHTRA. Please Suggest me the total budget & requirements to open a CNG Gas Station. Mail Me - [email protected] mob -09766613383 [about 8 years ago]

Start your own Autogas Dispensing Station Across India