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Name:nidhi kamdar
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Know the taste and choice of people in that area and let the food taste according to their liking.then comes Ambience which`ll depend on the lind of restaurant. [over 16 years ago]

What are the ingredients of a great restaurant?

why dont u try to put the entire sea or something representing it rather than just 1 wave.i guess this will be liked by the people who disliked the wave thing [over 16 years ago]

What do you think of this logo for an Emagazine on idea generation?

He`s the one who can get his level changed as per the learner`s or student`s level and make them understand things in the easiest possible way by taking help of visual objects or examples when and where possible.Also interaction is very important.This way learning would be fun and will lead to increase the interest of the student. [over 16 years ago]

What makes a great instructor or professor?