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Clean My Ride, Dirty Girl/Dirty Boy [over 15 years ago]

What are ideas around the best name for a car wash

Custom note-taking paper that you create based on your learning style. For example, mine had a greyed out left hand column that took up 1/3 of the page. The rest of the page was blank. The blank part was for in-class notes. The grey part was for making summaries on my hand written notes within 24 hours of the class. Only reviewed the grey parts before test taking. [over 15 years ago]

What study techniques help in understanding and scoring well in school/college?

It is up to the end user to "rebalance" the food. Otherwise, family farming on community lots is becoming more popular. [over 15 years ago]

what can be done to maintain nutritional balance of food ?

Ask your church community, ensuring to get the input of the elders first. [over 15 years ago]

How do I find money for a Christian black own Business. [over 15 years ago]

What is a good name for a design portfolio?

Seniors of a certain age can be found in groups and therefore have a higher propensity for word of mouth. Try a tell-a-friend campaign that gets the high tech senior to buzz the information to their peers. [over 15 years ago]

Is there a product/service that can be created to help older internet users b...

You should network with prominent people related to your niche in infrastructure development. If you are not already part of an association, try that first. [over 15 years ago]

How can we enhance marketing and increase sales for our professional services...