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Name:Brinder Bahadur
Location:Nahan H.P. 173001 India
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):12
Education:experience and thoughts is greator than books education
Employment:business concept creation works private and independent
Interests:I need investor for my big business concept in India
Achievements:my idea is running in the market
Expertise:in human study
About Me:my thoughts are blowing in the Indian market.

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for making the new and big business concept, we need high education, more experience,market research, market servey, good judgement, demand of the market and our positive thoughts. Human thoughts can change the world. business proposal is ready. it is upon unemployment of the country and the world. the title of the business is "employment problem" solving by giving better and high salary. profit in hundred cr./yr. pls write at [email protected] or call 94184 35263. [about 9 years ago]

Ideas needed for business