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Name:Dalal Aly
Location:Alexandria, Egypt
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1957
Education:B.S c Biochemistry, certified business management, certificates in training, project management, organization, etc
Employment:Owner of Moonlight Serenade for jewellery
Interests:Fashion , jewellery , tennis, walking, music, reading, outings, gatherings , nature
Achievements:Started a home based company Moonlifht Serenade since 2007 Joined in several international jewellery shows worldwide (USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong) Able to accumulate an inventory of natural precious and semi precious stones and silver worth $160 000 As my products suit international categories, approached the government in Dubai to open up a venture and received my license
Expertise:Over 25 years in managerial posts Over 10 years experience in jewellery making Diploma , jewellery Design , ew York institute for Art and Design (ongoing) Diploma in Fashion design , International Career Institute, UK (ongoing)
About Me:Egyptian female, extensive experience in management, organization and infrastructure, amiable, ability to handle and work with different geographic groups. Love team work, highly creative, ability to solve problems, excellent drive, beliebve that learning is a continuous process

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Investor needed for start up of a jewellery house in Dubai as a step towards establishing a fully fledged fashion house. I already have an inventory of silver and stones worth $160 000 and looking for an additional $250 000 for 20% of the company [over 5 years ago]

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