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WEST-WIND TURBINES,(W.W.T.) This may be one of those businesses which has to have what you sell as part of the name. This in turn will be great help in getting the name out and also in advertising. Turbines is what you do. [over 14 years ago]

Please help w/ company name--residential wind turbine sales, installation. T...

ENVI-CLEAN (or) ENVY-CLEAN: This name has your enviro part covered and at the same time opens new doors for future advertising with the envi part which could relate to (Envy the great wash). And then there's the (CLEAN) part, more potential. And I checked, this name is not already a chain business. Good-Luck. [over 14 years ago]

Ideas for a Car Wash Name

Leak-Proof-Roof - I agree with the non-family name, especially if you're building a business to eventually sell. If you decide on another main name, keep this motto in mind and use it if you wish. This is the motto that got attention for my business and was the main asset in selling it later. [over 14 years ago]

I need a name of a roofing company for San Antonio, Texas

LEAK-PROOF ROOFING (ONE OF MY OLD COMPANIES here in NC) My idea was a complete sale of all aspects of a roof system. In my roofing package I also included new vent boot caps,chimney flashing,drip edge, even the felt. A complete job to insure a leak-proof-roof. Then I had the chance to sell ridge vent or whirly bird vents as options. And also don't forget, a roof job is a great chance of selling new gutters (nice profit % , even if you sub the work) [over 14 years ago]

I need a name of a roofing company for San Antonio, Texas