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Name:Joanne Chilton
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1955
Interests:self help books, spirituality, creativity, gardening, working out at the gym, music, movies, galleries, travel.
Achievements:I've been published in several magazines and have won an award for cover art. I have shown my work in galleries locally, nationally and internationally. I am working on my first self published book called "Wings to Fly".
Expertise:fine art photographer, I have an eye for creating, printing and framing art work.
About Me:My Bio: Born in Summerside PEI of Acadian heritage, Joanne grew up knowing that creativity nourishes the soul. The first camera given to her during her early childhood years became a way to explore and express the world around her. In the last 10 years, Joanne has made photography her main focus of creative expression, leading to several solo and group exhibitions internationally and features in several prominent magazines. Joanne’s photography received national attention in 2003 when the cover of “The Antigonish Review”, featuring one of her images, won a top award from the Canadian Magazine Publishers Association. Among the panel of 8 judges were such personalities as Will Ferguson, Wendy Mesley, Heather Reisman and Rick Mercer. That same year Joanne was featured in a CBC television documentary program Artiste dans l’Ame entitled “Parallel Worlds.” A collaboration with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust produced the acclaimed photographic exhibit “Spirit of Place” in 2004, which was also featured in numerous magazines and exhibited throughout the province. Joanne’s latest project, documenting the preparations of a Beijing Opera Singer, has been featured in London-based Digital Photo Art magazine, and Canada’s Photo Life magazine.  902.423.9999  902.222.3404 ï‚™ [email protected]

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