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I visited your site. YOU stated WORLD PEACE but your web site emphasizes thought ideas. World Peace needs to have those who hate to be motivated to not hate. That requires re-education. That world is filled with brain washing from day one. EVEN our national leaders say "we have nothing against Islam" but they need to read the book that their brothers are reading. IT is ok to them to look at all women as 2nd class THINGS. And Communists practice fear cause they fear loss of dictatorial power. [about 15 years ago]

how do we create the opportunity for world peace by 2020?

I was asked this yesterday on Yahoo answers; until you hit $1m in net profits, your need is unnecessary and you would let your acct deal with this, your job is to bring in sales and profits. START where you are. [about 15 years ago]

What is the best U.S. state in which to form a corporation or LLC in terms of...

they rarely do; they do not thing along those lines. What is your specific need? We can help you cut to the chase. [about 15 years ago]

How do Technology startups bring in new business cost effectively

give to elementary school kids [about 15 years ago]

what to do with toilet paper rolls

wowow. I am a college teacher. UNLESS you are in Mongolia or an on-line university, reaching students is a slam dunk thing. get hold of me for free help NOW. [email protected] [about 15 years ago]

How can universities best communicate with their current student population?

Someone is trying to scare you. Buy insurance for the contest and let it rip! [about 15 years ago]

How do you launch a contest without incurring the legal expenses

why do you presume it is not outstanding now? Or do you mean in 3rd world nations? [about 15 years ago]

How can we help to improve the quality of life in rural areas?

a sport's facility to do what? The YMCA does this now. Any time you have a counsel do anything, everything slows to a crawl. [about 15 years ago]

What are the negative aspects of having a sports facility run by a local coun...

what is your WOW factor--what makes you especially different? ID that and you have your name. Email me. I will help; I need a PR firm. [about 15 years ago]

Need a company name - HELP

we do not need to cut it, we need to change energy systems. we need to go to all electric cars and houses via photo voltaic and add butane or similar when the sun is out --and add windmills! [about 15 years ago]

What are the best ways to cut energy usage?