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Definitely eating ribs/wings for dinner. Get down and dirty on the first will relieve the tension, for sure! [almost 15 years ago]

What are ideas for a first date

One Girl Revolution-Superchic[k] [almost 15 years ago]

What are songs that help you to become energized, inspired, or creative?

If the meeting is being held in the sanctuary/gym/wherever, make it look like the front of a house/entry. Put a fence out and around the door area, add some potted plants, an awning, welcome mat, etc. It feels like they are walking into their home as they walk into the room where the event is being held. Build a porch, maybe. Have some lawn furniture in the lobby, a rocking chair, swing, etc. :) [almost 15 years ago]

How do you theme an event around the idea of a "home"?