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pharmaceutical companies, agencies organizing ecotourism, people trying to create adequate & representative natural habitat for animals in captivity, people studying the evolution of human medicinal use, people looking for supporting arguments for habitat protection (i.e. potential resources useful to humans may exist there), people who study the co-evolution of plants and animals (i.e. are the plants benefiting by being consumed - perhaps through fecal-transmitted seed dispersal)... [over 14 years ago]

What ideas would be used to promote natural animal healing by self-medication?

Partial money back if you're knocked out within five minutes. [over 15 years ago]

What would an online poker room need to offer to get you sign up immediately?

A great name. For example, I know there is a "better than sex cake" but I can't tell you what kind it is! [almost 16 years ago]

What are the factors that make a dessert famous and attractive?

Business wear clothing exchange [almost 16 years ago]

What are ideas for services young professional associations can offer?

Determining how to communicate to the person next to you that you aren't rude, you just aren't in a conversational mood. [almost 16 years ago]

What is the least favorite element about flying?

Making a fantastic first impression - acting confident (not cocky) without having yet mastered your job. [almost 16 years ago]

What all one person has to face on his first day to job?

Have the students become experts on small topics and teach each other. [almost 16 years ago]

Methods of Instructing Teens in School

Create businesses in the classroom made up of different teams and require the students to utilize each others' businesses and circulate "money" within the classroom. At the end see which businesses have the most money and discuss what makes a successful business (i.e. providing a need, advertising effectively, competitive pricing, etc.). [almost 16 years ago]

Methods of Instructing Teens in School

Contagious passion for the subject. [almost 16 years ago]

What makes a great instructor or professor?

Visit different countries, ask children, ask an animal behaviorist who views human behavior from a different perspective [almost 16 years ago]

What are ideas around how customers can help generate ideas for new products?