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Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1994
Employment:no job. intrested in small scale industry
Interests:small scale industry .givving employment to poorby starting new industry
Achievements:i have nothing achieved till now . and i am sure that i will achieve from now bigger and bigger
Expertise:nothing . now i have to expertise
About Me:i am very much practical person i can freely move with the strangers even

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can u share u r ideas with me i am also intrested in the the innovative and new type of bussiness proporsals. i am y.kishore. my phone number is 8466012557 [over 7 years ago]

Evergreen Business Proposal

sir iwant to start the small scale industry can u give the information sir and my phone number is 8466012557 and my email is [email protected] [over 7 years ago]

My friend has made a gadget that once fitted to a water pump can be on/off by...

hiiii everybody iam going to complte my education with in april i dont want to do job . iam very much intrested in doing some innovationthing and new things. i an intrested to start a small scale industry .plz give me suggestions and ides . if u give me the idea i will be very happy of getting that ideas . my name kishore my phone number is 8466012557 i am from near jaggaiyapeta near to vijayawad [over 7 years ago]

Any one can give an idea to start small scale industry in rural area about 5 ...