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Guardian Orthographic Designs - GOD (guardian - guardian angels; orthographic - different views; design - creativity) [almost 9 years ago]

Good names for a christian design studio and training for young people in India?

KISS - keep it sufficiently simple [over 14 years ago]

How to generate names for new businesses?

dining slot availability is a must - to ensure flowrate within reasonable parameters [over 14 years ago]

What about a restaurant full-reservation online and mobile service where you ...

I'd lather not [over 14 years ago]

Ideas for a Car Wash Name

look in the 'wanted' ads page - see what folk have listed as a need (or) - look at the 'problems' pages locally; nationally and internationally - for activities that you are involved with, select a frequent issue that aligns with your skills and abilities and follow up on providing a solution [over 14 years ago]

I want to start my own business

'Topof Texas Roofing' - short name which identifies location also indicates high quality and also height - a whole range of tag lines can be attached e.g. top off your building with Topof Texas Roofing; we are the Topof Texas Roofing; tiled by the Topof Texas Roofing; etc; etc... I await my 10% fee hahaha [over 14 years ago]

I need a name of a roofing company for San Antonio, Texas

I can actually see at least 3 very valuable uses in global activities that I'm involved with - it would be foolish of me to share these in public without at least suggesting that we come to some agreement. [over 14 years ago]

What to do with

or just visit for your fix of - good news, charitable works, successes and motivational material [over 14 years ago]

Creating Positive Energy

are you looking for names for people? - aaron; or animals - aardvark? [over 14 years ago]

what are the names that starts with "aa------"?

Remember that education is a team project - you, the child and the teacher all collaborating, due to technological advances young folk need to know how to understand a wider scope of information than you - when we were young we looked at materials in depth, the world does not work like that today, you must support and consolidate the work done in schools. embrace the learning process and realise that it is a lifelong experience - p.s. invite me in to solve the problem - Jimmy (Scotland) [over 14 years ago]

How to cut costs in the San Diego School District