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Shingle Shine Service. Sparklin' Shingle Shine. Steeple...(something something or something like that) [almost 15 years ago]

I need to name a new roof cleaning company. We will be specializing in the bl...

One unique idea from Buzz Marketing was a hot air balloon which looked like a comic strip dialog bubble with dialog words on the balloon floated in front of President Washington's head at Mount Rushmore, so it looked like Washington was saying something. jackdaniels | less than a minute ago | delete [almost 15 years ago]

What are some non-traditional marketing ideas?

Buzz Marketing by Mark Hughes will open ideas up for you real good. The best sort of marketing of course is viral marketing especially when the product is innovative, novel and comes at the right time. 2 factors: 1)Unique niche, new. 2) Value return to customers and users whether it be usefulness and/or monetary based. [almost 15 years ago]

What are some non-traditional marketing ideas?

earrings, nose ring, nipple ring. A wig. [almost 15 years ago]

"Name 500 uses for a paperclip" is a well-known brainstorming and creativity ...