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My boyfriend who just died 2 month ago. [about 15 years ago]

Missing in life???

Stick small cuttings in some water in the bottle, and let it develop roots so you later on, can plant it in pot with some earth. And it will only take a few days before you have a free plant in your window [about 15 years ago]

What are some creative ideas for using empty old wine bottles?

Something short, but still easy to yell or call.. [about 15 years ago]

what is a good name for a cat?

Tablets, capsules, blister-package, warning sign, solvent, liquid, abuse, treating the symptom but not the course. [about 15 years ago]

What words, phrases, etc. comes to your mind thinking of pharma/medicine/chem...

.....( the rest of nr. 4 answer to the question) Therefore its a good idea to involve some activity. Especially something new stuff like padded sumo-wrestling, gocart race, tresure hunting and so on.. [about 15 years ago]

What happens when you turn 25?

I dont think that turning 25 is such a great deal anyone. The start mostly when you are about to turn 30. So a 25 years Bday schould be playfull and a challange to your imagination. Celebrating you ability to play and have fun, before your mind starts to become more narrow. [about 15 years ago]

What happens when you turn 25?

There is this saying, about the dumbere the happier. And thinking about what a lobotomi can do for your humor. So you could eigther see your unhappy moments, as a result a high IQ and disturbing deepere thoughts, or a genetic disorder, that only a few head injuries will fix. [about 15 years ago]

how to be happy?

Show them the point of why they should use it. The product. Whats it fore? You can learn anything if you se the point in it.. [about 15 years ago]

Adults do not want to learn how to use modern technology, therefore not using...

Open your eyes and se every little thing around you, instead of beeing in your head most of the time. Your brain is more limited than what is happening around you in the world. So you have to open your eyes into widevinkel- sight. [about 15 years ago]

How do I get and stay motivated to write?

Never clean it and perhaps set up some fake green fungus-like stuff in the corners. Then always only have almost emty durty bottles standing around, with suspicious looking things in it. And off course a shower curtain almost covered with black stuff.. [about 15 years ago]

How would you get your family to spend less time in the shower?