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Name:Hammock Vani
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About Me: GUARANTEED LOAN OFFER / ALSO WORK WITH BROKERS. Are you an Investor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Contractor, Farmer, Start up e.t.c? Perhaps you need funds to buy properties, fix/flip, improve on your Services / Establish. HAMMOCK VAN GUI INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT / FINANCIAL COMPANY is out to help those in need of finance archive their goal. We invest on properties, projects / business and also offer all type of loans to interested persons from any country with any credit rate. Have you been turned down by banks or other lenders because of your credit rate or Bankruptcy? we can offer you the loan you need at an affordable rate. We also need the services of Brokers or anyone who can refer people who need financial help and we pay every month for your services. Contact us through the below email if you are interested in a loan or need investor. [email protected]

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We offer all loans to interested persons from any country for any purpose. We also work with Brokers who has clients seeking loan and we pay Broker fee at the end of each transaction. Contact us if interested or have anyone who need loan. [email protected] [over 5 years ago]

Investor looking for small investment business opportunity in Coimbatore Indi...