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Name:Ramakrishna Guntupalli
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Employment:Working with an IT MNC
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How about Starting Muliple Small scale industries at one place?

created about 11 years ago, last activity over 3 years ago

Hi, i am from Hyderabad and would like to associate with this business.Please let me know complete details about the product and who will be the end users/customers,please mail me at [email protected] [about 11 years ago]

Be Local Representive & Start Business without Investment

Hi Friends! I can see huge business in Automobile industry,especially in servicing sector as on an average 2 lacs cars per annum rolled out on to roads in last 4-5 years.But only one third vehicles go to dealer(showroom) for servicing after warranty period is over.Because dealers will charge huge amount as servicing is the major income for them.My plan is to start multibrand car service centre.Eventhough there are some players like Carnation,myTVS,Mahindra's first choice in market we can enter [about 11 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?

I am going to start Paper Cup and plates production plant in Hyderabad and looking for serious individuals who can join me in this to take complete responsibilty in Maintaining plant.I am a fulltime employee of a software organization,so it's not possible for me to put efforts effectively.Please serious Individuals only respond to my email [email protected] [about 11 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?