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Name:Darrell Rolstone aka "Rollee"
Location:Khao Yai National Forest, Thailand
Education:BA Wholistic Health/Synergy 1980, New College of California, San Francisco, CA Post Doctoral "Life Experience"... the real Uni
Employment:Self employed "synergy design consultant" and CCO, Energy-Synergy Intra-Global
Interests:Helping our planet "synergize".....while raising our four children.
Achievements:Authored California legislation at age 15, resident therapist (Nordic Physical Therapy) at the Watergate Complex 1977, deduced the only two "generalized principles" of Universe, which R. Buckminster Fuller personally recognized as "genius", linked east/west ancient civilizations multi-dimensionally via the "Tat Tvam Asi"....and "Ma Tak Quee Asi" centerpiece spiritual phrases of East Indian and Native American Indians, discovered Neural Pathways Language Splicing (NPLS), patent filed 18/5/007. NPLS will revolutionize language learning.....and nearly effortlessly. Negotiations pending with Pixar/Disney upon patent's approval. Made a "full fledged Hopi Indian and a "Rainbow Warrior" by Chief Thomas Binyaca at the "Healing of the Earth Ceremony", Vancouver BC, 1976.
Expertise:Whole Systems......
About Me:"transformation and application" sums up my life pretty well. I started out as a "straight jock" in Marin County, California. All Star football player, Head Student Body Cheer-leader and Home Coming Queen girlfriend. Then the "summer of Love" descended upon us right after HS graduation in 1966. Discovered pot.....and that my brain really did work after all!!! WOW! Became a "flower-child"...artist, musician, dancer, therapist and social activist. Traveled Europe and found my "family roots" in the fjords of Norway (prior to Alex Huxley making it popular), learned Norwegian, Spanish while discovering myself....and goofy planet we're on. My interest in "healing the earth" led me back to take a degree in wholistic health and synergy....and began to attempt to apply my acquired knowledge ( not so much from "education" but from life experience)......40 years later I'm still working on it as a refugee from western civilization, 15 years in Thailand while raising my four children with my Thai wife, Goong. My personal motto, which I had tattooed on my back in 2004 is: "many rivers...One Ocean". Which means, there are many spiritual rivers....but only One God....which we are ALL an integral part of. Tat Tvam Asi...Ma Tak Quee Asi. Rollee Rolstone, September 18th, 2007 Thailand

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Google "learning styles"....let the kids take the tests and find out their own personal and natural learning style....then assist them in creating projects OF THEIR OWN CHOICE ...formated to fit their own learning style! [about 16 years ago]

Methods of Instructing Teens in School

As most peoples ideas are only a few lines long....why have the 500 character limit? It is bothersome to me as a more serious respondent. seems that many questions that people are seeking ideas for are rather trivial. I just included my email address within a response....and it was deleted before it posted. I didn't read "the rules" of membership though...if there are any. It was in response to a serious question that I couldn't possibly begin to answer within 500 characters! Whoops! [about 16 years ago]

What are your views about brainstorm?

As one of the "pioneers" of the wholistic health movement in Marin County in the mid 70's and a Nordic Physical Therapist for nearly 4 decades and a "synergy design consultant" by profession....I'd LOVE to expound on this....but won't even start with a 400 character limitation. My email address is ....if that is Kosher to reveal here and/or if that acceptable within the structure of BrainReactions??? [about 16 years ago]

How would you design a unique medical spa?

Raise their income! Remember global warming.....direction "ride-share" would be more helpful...don't you think? [about 16 years ago]

How can adults with low income be encouraged to drive more?

Come visit us in Thailand this winter! Or change your attitude about being brown all winter! Here, the big multi-nationals use the media with GREAT SUCCESS to convince these beautiful brown skinned people to buy their "whitening creams"...."to become really beautiful"...and it works!///Get over it and get on with it! Work on your "true colors within"!!! [about 16 years ago]

What is a healthy alternative to a tanning bed?

AEROBIC dance orgies! With fresh fruit as refreshments! Humor is a Spice of you have any? [about 16 years ago]

What cand be done to make exercising to lose weight more enjoyable?

The current Cabal conspiracy leading the country has given AMPLE AMMUNITION to rally the population into voting action.. especially young potential voters. First, it must become EASY to vote( they don't make it easy ON PURPOSE!). Nothing is more precious to people than MONEY..use the ATM system...and within it create a parallel system for voting (they give a paper-trail!). And use the media ( as do the Cabal Masters) to expose what they have done and are doing...ending with: DON'T LIKE IT,VOTE! [about 16 years ago]

How can we get more people to vote?

"flex-time" schedule at work and possibly look toward more of a "communal" type life-style,even if it's only sharing your house with a local student in exchange for help with kids and house chores. Or form a Hawaiian style "Hui" living arrangement...where several households go in on a single piece of land and build your houses together and "share life's joys ans sorrows" on a larger "extended family" basis, I've done it and REALLY ENJOYED IT! Some of the greatest times of my 59 YO life! Goodluck [about 16 years ago]

What is an innovative way to help working mothers feel less rushed?

Head in the direction of 100% recycling! EVERYTHING-EVERYWHERE is energy.....we Americans throw out billions of $ worth of "energy" every year...just cuz we're are too lazy and/or too unorganized to recycle! Marin County CA has had curbside recycling since the 70's...FANTASTIC success but very few other counties have followed suit. AND THATS UNSUSTAINABLE! Europeans are doing it all over...especially Scandinavia. Create live video programing of the whole process...inception to brainstorming to i [about 16 years ago]

What are ideas on saving money, along with the environment?

The ideas below are are useful components of a successful strategy but today "mass media" is the "warmest" way to reach peoples hearts. AND IT'S EASY TO USE! You can find local amateur TV producers at Viacom's free facilities, or your local college or Uni. One good program idea would be to walk down the street, pick someones garbage set out for collection and take it apart and show how it is actually nearly all recyclable. I come from Marin County CA,we had curbside recycling since the 70's!VDO! [about 16 years ago]

How can I raise awareness of environmental issues in a community?