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DuraBar, Inc [over 15 years ago]

I need to name my company! HELP!!

FLATNESSES - [over 15 years ago]

What would you expect from a corporate intranet?

Preach Christ - he's been drawing people together for years [over 15 years ago]

How can a small, liberal church attract new members?

Totally Brown - or 'Re:Chewable' [over 15 years ago]

What is a good business name for an organic chocolate company?

Left Behind... (the weight problems, and the rear-end;-) [over 15 years ago]

What ideas for naming my weight loss studio.

AdWink - advertising - in widows - that changes in the wink of an eye [over 15 years ago]

Name ideas for a tech company that innovates with advertising mediums

Present-U (for presenting you) [over 15 years ago]

I need names for a new online and offline school. This school will offer cla...

ShareSafe (ASP-security) [over 15 years ago]

What should we name our computer security company?

VitaRx [over 15 years ago]

need a business name for a health products

Actually getting an answer to my need - or providing an answer for others - that's more fun than meaningless pontification... (see [over 15 years ago]

What would make a web 2.0 forum fun?