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How are you using the internet now

OVERVIEW Agriculture being the mainstay of Fiji’s economy, contributes around 28% to total employment in the formal sector and indirectly employing many more. This sector which was once a major stronghold of Fiji’s economy is the third largest now, contributing $416 million (9.35%) annually to the nations GDP. Sugarcane which used to dominate the sector now only contributes (1.7%) and has been surpassed by other crops, horticulture and livestock production (3.6%) and subsistence sector (2.75%). [almost 10 years ago]

Is consumer philanthropy a good marketing strategy for a start-up business?

Invest in exporting manufacturing machines to Fiji island. There are abundance of land but lack of labour to work on land for farming and manufacturing products such as spices pounding machine, grass shredder, furniture and carpentry tools, agarbatti making machine, bamboo furniture making, coconut scraping machine, concrete block making, take away boxes, Noni Juice extractor, packing of agricultural product such as tomato and other food preservations. [almost 10 years ago]

Best Business Ideas for Small scale business in India

Invest your money in Fiji Islands located close to New Zealand. There are 400,000 Fijians with Indian Descent. There are opportunities for Software development, agriculture, accommodation, transport and many more. Many indians invest in clothing, coconut oil, retail business here in Fiji. There are abundance of land which can be leased from Native owners [almost 10 years ago]

Best Business Ideas for Small scale business in India