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Focus on your agenda: learning. Your job is to persuade others to teach you. Do not wait for them to come to you. Seek out mentors. [almost 16 years ago]

How to generate motivation and be helpful being an intern in an investment bank?

Rallying support for a local non-profit, combining charity and networking. [almost 16 years ago]

What are ideas around events Young Professional Associations can host?

Less likely to get you in fistfights than spewing your rants at the local pub. [almost 16 years ago]

List some of the advantages of blogging

Hybrid Hydrogen/Electric power plant which can be plugged in for recharging at night. Solar panels on roof for supplemental charging while motoring or parked outside. able to feed excess charge back into the grid. Solid polyeurethane tires (flat-free and 100% recyclable). Interior 100% recyclable metal, polyeurethane, and flame-retardant/vegetable-based plastics. Electronic systems designed for easy disassembly. All parts designed for easy removal and refurbishment. Water exhaust capture system. [almost 16 years ago]

What is your concept for the most eco-friendly car of the future?