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Name:Mr Godwin David
Location: Nigeria
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1980
Education: Business Admin
Employment:CEO Barry Lantern oil and gas LTD
Interests:i am interested of meeting potential investors who will like to study my business idea who will like to invest on oil and gas business and marine because i deal on oil and gas business i have good idea inn my field .
Achievements:we achieve good relationship in the world because of our skills .
Expertise:in crude oil and gas business
About Me:Barry Lantern Oil & Gas is a corporate organization with the quest of marketing crude oil to prospects around the world; we are a team of professionals from Engineers, Accountant, Marketers, Sales Personnel, Drivers, Researchers and the Managing Director. As an international crude oil marketer we specializes in exporting of crude oil to foreign companies around the globe, taking cognizance steps toward delivering genuine and peace of mind to our clients, by utilizing our partnership role with the bigger crude oil marketers whom themselves were licensed by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation to satisfy our customers. All the necessary process will be taking towards ensuring a risk free crude oil delivery, we process the right document from the Government, take the loading of the crude oil from the shore/offshore, ensure the offloading from the tanker to the loading into the vessels at the dock and we can also hire vessels on our clients behalf either for preloading purpose or for transporting to the client’s Country.

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We need inventors that can join us . We want to buy small quantity of Nigerian crude oil and take it to refinery to refine it . We only need investor that have fear of God to invest money in my company and trusted in God. because in God we trust We have many channels in oil sector to invest money on. If any investor is serious we will discourse about his commission in round table on transparent ground. For more details kindly contact me on this in formation [almost 9 years ago]


We need investor that can invest money on getting allocation from NNPC next year We need investor that can invest on ESCROW account on a business transaction. We need investor that is interested on marine transportation like vessel and tug boot .Crew boot. We need investor that want to trade money on oil business. We need investor that want to invest money on building and selling of house We need inventors that can join us .mobile:+2348024729799 [almost 9 years ago]


We have project at hand. Barry Lantern oil and gas ltd is processing his own crude oil ALLOCATION from NNPC .that we need foreign investors and expatriate to join our company. We have a good relationship with NNPC and loaders We have idea on listed below. we can trade your money for you without any risk involve We need investor to chartered 5.000 metric ton vessel. We will use in buying and reselling of crude oil and D2/PMS/DPK around Nigerian water. skyp:barryoil mobile:+2348024729799 [almost 9 years ago]