to communicate and improve the wellness of employees I would not suggest using an elevator, I would suggest an independent party interview the staff on what they think can be improved in the workplace, collate the data and present it to management and demand they make some changes. that was a nice way of saying the elevator is not the problem... [almost 16 years ago]
How to use an elevator to communicate something and to improve the wellness o...
instill a zero tolerance policy for offenders that have been found guilty, make it a condition of employment that if you are caught your details will be listed on a database viewable to any future employer stating that you were terminated from your role due to your involvement in corrupt practices. [almost 16 years ago]
What are ways to check corruption in Indian govt?
I would suggest contacting the people who are succesfull at this already and ask them if they would mind sharing a few thoughts on what worked and what didnt work for them, you will learn more from their mistakes than anything else and your research will be then based on real life cases not theories. [almost 16 years ago]
What are some personal theories of entrepreneurial leadership?
use the mediums the students respond to, e.g create a sms message with a link to your website, then employ a few students to search for bluetooth devices on their mobile phone (they will find hundreds probably) then sms the whole group at once with your message/ link/ offer etc. [almost 16 years ago]
What are the best marketing tactics on a college campus?
mail your database with an offer to win something next time they come in to your store, give them one entry per movie hired per month so it will encourage them to have more chances to win, the more times they rent a title, have a different prize monthly. even better would be if the people who supply your movies could supply the prize, i'm sure with them dealing with all the movie studios they would get some nice merchandise, signed posters etc. that would be unattainable to the general public. t [almost 16 years ago]
What can be done to keep people renting movies at home vs. going to the theater?