talk to them openly [over 15 years ago]
What are ideas to understand women?
energy [over 15 years ago]
car interiors made up of special material which wont hurt and even wont allow metal or glass pieces to pierce through in case of accident [almost 16 years ago]
How to make cars less deadly?
make the people go through rigourous training regime before awarding them driving liecense [almost 16 years ago]
How to make cars less deadly?
searching for something interesting [almost 16 years ago]
How are you using the Internet now?
do whatever but never waste time... [almost 16 years ago]
what should i do?
in ur heart [almost 16 years ago]
where is my mother?
sleeping [almost 16 years ago]
How do young professionals spend their time?
Giving them incentives in terms of post in Association as a prize to their efforts. [almost 16 years ago]
What are ideas for getting young professionals involved in their communities?
not getting a job of their interest. forced to do something that may not be passionate about. [almost 16 years ago]
What are frustrations and challenges facing young professionals?
well it will definitely lead to more complicated issues and more complex life. [almost 16 years ago]
What if we had a real time social network??
organizing different events to involve them in the idea [almost 16 years ago]
Methods of Instructing Teens in School
involving practical implications making subject easy to understand and must always take an interactive session which a little humor to ease nerve senses.... [almost 16 years ago]
What makes a great instructor or professor?
contest is the bst way as that would make customers to think [almost 16 years ago]
What are ideas around how customers can help generate ideas for new products?
you wont get a car to reach fast..... [almost 16 years ago]
What is the least favorite element about flying?