Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe i think you must be the cruel one and most incompetitent one dont tak eme wrong. SImple plan get the ceiling of u r office in light blue color like the sky n light fragnance in the aircon. [over 15 years ago]
How can a company improve employee morale and bring the staff together?
#Knot4all# 'Trying hard to tie the knot' [over 15 years ago]
What should I name my wedding site?
make that symbol in the middle trying hard to get on a plain orange board and to make the symbol complete and express 'just do it' concept . i have the way how to do it in elaborate manner mail me if u like. [over 15 years ago]
How can Nike promote its brand through photos?
i think i will not provide free advice on that. [over 15 years ago]
If you are an IT manager for a large/mid-size company, what would be the IDEA...
Looks like somekind of logo for the inmates of mental hospital communicating between themselves. I fully criticise so dont take me wrong. I have a better logo [over 15 years ago]
What do you think of this logo for an Emagazine on idea generation?
Toilet Paper. paper to read and write and at the end wipe our ..... [over 15 years ago]
What innovations do you think have fallen to the "dark side"?
Stock Market guys. coz they are the ones playing with all of our money and have that little piece of pad and a pen.Dont look sofisticated at all from any prespective. Pull up a billboard with the most successful stock broker using this pen and winning and rest with the traditional style losing. [over 15 years ago]
What are some ideas around ways to market this pen with paper built in?
i think she did not had enough brains other than to think of beauty. well create a controversy like make an advert where just the state of south carolina is shown next to iraq as neighbours and eating kebab at MCKHEBABS. [over 15 years ago]
How would you answer this question?
get the front seats with rocket boosters like used to eject out of jet planes which can safely throw a driver out of the car instead of taking a hit with airbags [over 15 years ago]
How to make cars less deadly?
HelooTM ---- one word Heloo that i have seen people of all nations know. [over 15 years ago]
Best word/phrase for ATM, debit, check, and credit type cards.
Its the problem of the site creator . just dont pleade for ideas come up with one yourself and then let others judge that. [over 15 years ago]
How can we improve this online brainstorming service?
feel fortunate that you are not born as a animal or the whole world will be a city for you to live in. Appreciate the earth and cut co2 [over 15 years ago]
Which is the best city in the world? Why?
the best thing to do is to urge supermarkets to make the bags in sizes so that it fits the small bins in each room like the one next to the study table. this will reduce cost of buying bin bags and also throwing rubbish every week. [over 15 years ago]
How can plastic grocery bags be creatively reduced, reused, or recycled?
watch the movie 'the bucket list' [over 15 years ago]
What are songs that help you to become energized, inspired, or creative?
why are u so worried about the president like if u r some reporter from the new channel? be realistic [over 15 years ago]
Who will be the next U.S. president?
Okay everyone here is the most effective solution hold a jamming day especially on friday when the workload is low and then during any period of the day stop the lift suddenly for 5 mins not more than that otherwise it might disrupt work. even strangers will come to know each other [over 15 years ago]
How to use an elevator to communicate something and to improve the wellness o...