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Name:Christian Yaw Gbewordo
Location:Accra, GHANA
Education:BSc Economics(in progress) HND Sec & Management Studies
Employment:Administrative Assistant to Programmes & Special Events Director. Executive Director, Soft Minds eConsult.
Interests:Reading & Listening to leadership, Financial and motivational topics Watching Cartoons, Chinese & Japanese movies
Achievements:Rotaractor Charter & Past President, International Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Alumnus. Motivational speaker at various leadership seminars, etc
About Me:Forward-looking team player

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• Product Innovation – new products or improvements on products. • Process Innovation – where some part of the process is improved to bring benefit. • Positioning Innovation – • Paradigm Innovation – where major shifts in thinking cause change. • Business model innovation - Innovation in the structure and/or financial model of the business • Operational innovation - Innovation that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of core processes and functions • Products/services/markets innovation - Innovation applied to products or services or “go-to-market” activities [almost 13 years ago]

What makes something 'inovative'?