To make the remuneration od doctors dependant on the health of their patients, not on the nu,ber of visits to the doctor. [almost 14 years ago]
What will be the most important health policy decision in 2009?
Life has no purpose except for enjoying it, which can be done at any age. [almost 14 years ago]
What are ways to explain the purpose of life after 70?
Start a service that provides the seniors with over-sized models of different gagets with simpler functions and gradually reduce the size of the gagets and increase the number of functions of the gagets. [almost 14 years ago]
Is there an easier way to help the "older generation" become more familiarize...
Tanning beds should not be used. Sun is the best thing. [almost 14 years ago]
Is it possible to create a safe, cancer-friendly tanning bed?
Ask them to remember several simple rules, such as "Never give out personal information to anyone", "Don't download anything unless you trust the source", etc. [almost 14 years ago]
Ways to educate senior citizens about internet safety
Most radio talk shows are conservative. That's why adding liberal shows would improve the radio. [almost 14 years ago]
How might FM & AM radio be improved here in the US so you would listen more?
Turn the brainstorms into a game and make a video of it. Then post it on YouTube with an announcement saying that everyone is welcome to participate. [about 14 years ago]
How might people organize service brainstorms on
Creating a duplicate of something through a process of division of a unit or through combining the qualities of two or more units. [about 14 years ago]
What is reproduction?
If you happen to be gay - come out to your father. This will be the gift og honesty. [about 14 years ago]
With Father's day round the corner, Can I have some inovative ideas for a per...
Any kind of industry or business catering to gay people. [about 14 years ago]
Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?
Make a video of a typical service and post it on Also, make sure that gay people are welcome by specifically mentioning this fact. [over 14 years ago]
How can a small, liberal church attract new members?
Не нужны никакие мурзики и шарики. Лучше всего сделать так, чтобы кличка кота несла в себе смысловую нагрузку. Например, назвав кота иностранным словом можно гарантировать себе, что вы это слово никогда не забудете. Вот, хот бы слово Egyptian (Эджипшен - т.е. египтянин по-английски) [over 14 years ago]
как назвать кота?
Obama would be the best president but because of racism McCain is more likely to be elected, which will be a disaster for America (remember that GOP gave us recession and the war in Iraq). [over 14 years ago]
Who will be the next U.S. president?
Learn to be kind and forgiving. This way nothing will bother you in life. Also, adopt a pet. [over 14 years ago]
How to lead a stress free and happy life?
Teach them to be sensitive to other people's needs. This way, if their showers bother you, they will try to accomodate you. [over 14 years ago]
How would you get your family to spend less time in the shower?
Try to use different paths for biking and compare them from the point of view which ones are less icy, then use the ones that are less icy. [over 14 years ago]
How to make riding a bike on icy surfaces safer?
In Russia people are much more likely to seek help from others instead of trying to solve a problem individually, as most Americans would do. [over 14 years ago]
What are ideas around how different cultures approach problems?
If you love him you can still be intimite with him and spend time with him but don't plan to marry him or spend your life with him. Enjoy him without committments, that's all. Someone who cheated on you will do it again. [over 14 years ago]
why do i still love him and how can i stop?
Elect a Democrat as US president. [over 14 years ago]
How are we going to fix the American Economy???
Providing substantial health insurance discounts for those who pass a special exam on how to stay healthy. [over 14 years ago]
What are the best ways to improve Health Care Literacy in America?
Personal flying devices that can eventually replace cars. [over 14 years ago]
What will be the next technological breakthrough?
By blogging, you can have a good alibi if you decide to commit a crime because the timing of your entires can be easily verified. [over 14 years ago]
List some of the advantages of blogging
Walking is the best exercise. It doesn't require forcing yourself to do anyting. [over 14 years ago]
What cand be done to make exercising to lose weight more enjoyable?
Explain to the overweight people the benefits of switching from ice cream and cakes to fruits such as apples and grapes. Usually, people are addictied to sugar, not to a particular food. Fruits have a lot of sugar but it is not unhealthy. [over 14 years ago]
what could be done to increase awarness of obesity in individual Americans?
Ask everyone to contribute to the birthday fund anonymously. [over 14 years ago]
¿como fondear cumpleaños sin afectar a los que ganan poco?
Ask a child how he or she would solve your problem. If the problem is too complicated to explain, simplify it first and then ask the child. Very often, chidren come up with very unusual, unexpected but doable solutions. [over 14 years ago]
100 Tips For Improving Your Creativity
Spend some time in the company of individuals who you would otherwise never associate with: persons of a different race, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, educational background, religious background, etc. [over 14 years ago]
100 Tips For Improving Your Creativity
Take her to a place where you can show her the lungs of a dead smoker (they look very dark and disgusting). [over 14 years ago]
how can i get my mum 2 give up smoking??
First of all, if you are a man, ask him if he is gay. [over 14 years ago]
should i tell a friend that i have fallen in love with him?how do i proceed?
Bonnie Blossom [over 14 years ago]
What should I change my last name to?
Medical Assistance International [over 14 years ago]
What's another name for the The Red Cross organization?
Increase the slalaries of employees who are the most friendly and supportive of others, and those who smile a lot. Add penalties such as fines for those who contribute to stress, those who like to argue, to gossip, to yell angrily and so on. [over 14 years ago]
What is a good way to make jobs and workplaces less stressful?
Create over-simplified versions of the cell phones and PCs for the purpose of practicing. Make the simplified versions bigger and all the functions more clear and easly to use. For example, a cell phone the size of a TV set, that can do only two things - to call and to receive calls. Later in the process of learning, reduce the size of the cell phone to the size of a book and add some additional functions. [over 14 years ago]
Is there a product that can be invented to help the technology impaired human...
Encourage them to eat fruits instead fo fattening desserts [over 14 years ago]
What are ways to make desserts more available to the elderly or diabetic?
Encourage intermarriage between Jews and Palestinians [over 14 years ago]
what is the best soltion to resolve the Palestenian and the Israeli issue?
Feeling the sense of connection to different cultures simultaneously and the ability to understand different cultures and culturally different points of view. [over 14 years ago]
what are the advantages for having a multicultural identity ?