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How to speed up Russia's territorial disintegration?

created over 15 years ago, last activity 10 months ago

To make the remuneration od doctors dependant on the health of their patients, not on the nu,ber of visits to the doctor. [about 15 years ago]

What will be the most important health policy decision in 2009?

Life has no purpose except for enjoying it, which can be done at any age. [about 15 years ago]

What are ways to explain the purpose of life after 70?

Start a service that provides the seniors with over-sized models of different gagets with simpler functions and gradually reduce the size of the gagets and increase the number of functions of the gagets. [about 15 years ago]

Is there an easier way to help the "older generation" become more familiarize...

Tanning beds should not be used. Sun is the best thing. [about 15 years ago]

Is it possible to create a safe, cancer-friendly tanning bed?

Ask them to remember several simple rules, such as "Never give out personal information to anyone", "Don't download anything unless you trust the source", etc. [about 15 years ago]

Ways to educate senior citizens about internet safety

Most radio talk shows are conservative. That's why adding liberal shows would improve the radio. [about 15 years ago]

How might FM & AM radio be improved here in the US so you would listen more?

Turn the brainstorms into a game and make a video of it. Then post it on YouTube with an announcement saying that everyone is welcome to participate. [over 15 years ago]

How might people organize service brainstorms on

Creating a duplicate of something through a process of division of a unit or through combining the qualities of two or more units. [over 15 years ago]

What is reproduction?

If you happen to be gay - come out to your father. This will be the gift og honesty. [over 15 years ago]

With Father's day round the corner, Can I have some inovative ideas for a per...

Any kind of industry or business catering to gay people. [over 15 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?