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At 25 you start thinking about getting a real job with a future, not waiting tables. You wonder how you are going to get a house. Should you start saving or something? You are happy and healthy, but maybe you party too much. You think about slowing down on the parties. You buy an iPhone then say wtf did I just spend so much money on a stupid iphone. You start sucking at video games. You start dressing better and you don't get as many traffic tickets. You try to grow a plant but it dies. [over 13 years ago]

What happens when you turn 25?

Get a piece of paper. Get a water color set at the 99 cents store. Make a beautiful watercolor and sell it on eBay. [over 13 years ago]

Overcoming porverty

No one [over 13 years ago]

who can stop corruption?

Early Bird Bait and Tackle [over 13 years ago]

Name for bait/tackle store

Buy new underwear. [over 13 years ago]

Creating Positive Energy