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We are a group of talented guys from Nit,iit, IIMs and business professionals . We are looking to offer 10x returns on 40 lakhs investment requirement which will be paid off within 2 years . We are into building new generation mobile applications . If interested you can contact me on +91 7507582620 or email [email protected] [over 7 years ago]

Need business ideas,ready to invest upto 50 lakhs.

Based out of Coimbatore- We are a highly talented pool of people from Nit, Iit, Iim and business professionals working on developing new generation mobile applications . We are offering 10x times returns within a period of 2 years. We have a fully operational prototype, seeking immediate investment to launch our product in market. We are looking for a sum of Rs 40 lakh . Genuine investors are welcome for further discussion . Contact me at +91 7507582620 , email- [email protected] [over 7 years ago]

Investor looking for small investment business opportunity in Coimbatore Indi...