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Name:Scott Johnston
Location:San Francisco, CA
Education:B.S. Marketing - University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Expertise:Online, social network, and grassroots marketing. Search engine optimization and marketing
About Me:My background includes healthcare project management, publishing marketing, entertainment marketing, band management, grassroots marketing, media buying, and SEM/SEO.

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The music & movie industry and how to deal with changing technology. [about 16 years ago]

What is in desperate need for innovation?

I'd start a biz that incorporates all my hobbies. It would be a multi-level jazz/blues/live music club that would also be a bbq joint that has great whiskey/scotch/bourbon & cigars. It's probably not the type of biz that contributes a whole lot to society, but it would be fun! [about 16 years ago]

If you could start any business that you wanted, what would it be?

Find an "open mic" night at your local pub(s). [about 16 years ago]

How to promote my songs?

Create a media kit centered around the email list to send to buyers, come up with a USP and incentives to be on the list. [about 16 years ago]

Ideas around increasing E-Mail mailing list subscriber base

Establishing b2b (small retailers) and b2c online sales will create a benchmark to present to buyers at the large retailers. Most buyers want to see some sort of established sales history. It would help if the line served some niche market and/or had a unique point of interest, the clothing industry is a crowded one! Oh, it would also help to land a great publicist! [about 16 years ago]

Marketing to apparel wholesalers

Content partnership with an encyclopedia publisher. A topic page would include the traditional encyclopedia entry and the user content that Wikipedia is known for. [about 16 years ago]

What can creators of Wikipedia do to enhance its image as a credible resource?

Google buys you. :) [over 16 years ago]

How do you know that you have a great WEB 2.0 IDEA???

Let Me Clear My Throat - DJ Kool [over 16 years ago]

What are songs that help you to become energized, inspired, or creative?

More Bounce to the Ounce - Zapp & Roger [over 16 years ago]

What are songs that help you to become energized, inspired, or creative?

A blog about nothing. It worked for Seinfeld, right? [over 16 years ago]

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