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Name:Suresh Babu Munaganti
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):1980
Employment:Working as a Techinical Assistant in Govt sector on Contact basic
Interests:Establish small Industry

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Hello Mr. Dhaawan, I am Suresh Babu from Andhra Praesh, I am very much interested to start this proposal in our state, Please provide me the details and let me know the next step to proceed further. Please give information and share if any guidelines and how to start this work my Mail id is [email protected] [over 7 years ago]

25 lakh Project without Investment 4 Graduate Unemployed

Respected/Sir/Madam I am suresh babu from Prakasham district in Andhra Pradesh i would like to start an small business/industry so a want suggestion which is best business/industry in in andhra pradesh and want financial support from Govt, please give suggestion my mail id [email protected] and contact No 91-9849871191 [almost 9 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?