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Name:Rayamand Leema
Year of birth (e.g. 1978):16
Education:BA, BPH,
Interests:Teaching and Start New education institute.
Achievements:World Guineez Record in Group Singing
Expertise:Spoken English,
About Me:I like help the poor people, and wish give good education for them.

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Sir I am interested to Start My new school. I poor in finance if anyone can help me to Do it I am very great full for them. It cost me something 40 to 50 lakh. my mail Id is [email protected] or call on 9035029111. this is one project where i want to come up. If anyone who wants to help me please call or send mail with detail what i have to do to get the loan or [almost 9 years ago]

25 lakh Project without Investment 4 Graduate Unemployed