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Don't treat people they way you want to be treated ... treat them the how they want to be treated [about 11 years ago]

What are ideas about ethical responsibilities in working place?

"Handycap" discrimination!!? You said it! [about 11 years ago]

the best topic for gcse oral exam

Kent [about 11 years ago]

is anyone from england, if so where??

Why have labels? Why not just be Me!? [about 11 years ago]

What is a good name for a multiracial person, who is part Black, White, Afric...

Im really concerned that you are all making the assumption that all people over the age of 50 are thick, immobile, ill, out of touch and lonely - your business will fail it this is how you are treating them [about 11 years ago]

What are ideas around what services / products / features to be offered to pe...