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Call Center process

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My email id is [email protected] [over 11 years ago]

Call Center process

I have no contact for call center in the market...kindly help me. [over 11 years ago]

Call Center process

From where i should contact my customers.... [over 11 years ago]

Call Center process

I want to open a Call Center................i need the details of investment in call center required? i.e. sy seating capacity or by other means.... my email add is [email protected] [over 11 years ago]

Review my Idea. We are Creating a Web Portal that focuses mainly on Indian Em...

hello friends.. i want to start thermocol sheet idustries in uttar pradesh. so just wanna datails of this, like details of raw matarials, machineries, cost of those machineries etc. plz cont. me ; [email protected], my cont. no. is-09871377213 [over 11 years ago]

Which small scale industry is best to start in india now?