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How can we get employees involved in the innovation process?

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Go to Pew Research ( There is a tab labeled "Topic Index" and beneath that "Social Trends". The site is chock full of all sorts of trends. Have each student select a specific topic and then have them do some first hand observation (field research). From that exercise ask them to develop a problem statement. Have them do brainstorming around the problem statement (maybe using this site), select from among the best ideas and develop and implement the solution. [about 13 years ago]

Classroom exercises to identify trends

Buy stuff in bulk overseas and sell individually on eBay. People do this all the time. [about 13 years ago]

Ideas for Barry's New Business

Concierge service. People are too busy to run around for their groceries, the cleaners, shopping for birthday gifts. They are willing to pay for quality. [about 13 years ago]

Ideas for Barry's New Business

Does Barry have any special skills? [about 13 years ago]

Ideas for Barry's New Business

Ask a question and see if you get passed around to multiple people to get an answer. Sometimes everyone has a nickels' worth of information and it takes 20 people to get a whole buck: meaning that if collaboration is NOT occurring, everyone knows a small piece of the process but cannot describe it end to end. If collaboration takes place, anyone involved in the process will know it holistically. [about 13 years ago]

Signs of Life

Try to take one process and diagram it or follow it. See if it flows efficiently or gets balled up in silos. [about 13 years ago]

Signs of Life

Morale is a great indicator. You can see it in their faces. As you walk around are there conference rooms in use? Do people look engaged? Do you hear laughter? Generally the mood in an environment where there is trust is smiling faces and comraderie. In a sweatshop it is quite the opposite. If there is a lunchroom or break room, hang around there and listen to the conversation. As 4:30 - 5:00 PM rolls around, does the place empty out like a firehose? If so, it's probably not a fun env. [about 13 years ago]

Signs of Life

There is something in a name. A jazzy name gets people talking. Also the place must be clean, right down to the bathroom as well as the silverware. Quality service is key. An attentive and friendly waiter or waitress can make or break the experience. Food must be outstanding. You don't have to have 100 things on the menu. A dozen items done better than anyone else will make you stand out. Ambiance is important. Serve drinks in distinctive ware, like a ruby red mug, etc. Subtle music. [about 13 years ago]

What are the ingredients of a great restaurant?

The concept of using an online tool like this helps to level the playing field and remove politics that can happen in a more formal setting. [about 13 years ago]

What are your views about brainstorm?