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A website for entrepreneurs where they can show their business plans and the people can vote for their ideas and also invest on them using PayPal or credit card. This would be very useful for small business ideas or nonprofit organizations that just need a few thousands to start operating. [about 14 years ago]

What do you want to do online on the web that is currently difficult to do?

A USB device that calibrates steps, also measure the calories burned, speed, time and all the things that other devices do but also having a web service where I can create my avatar (Like the Wii) and using the statistics recorded in the device present them in a very funny way, for instance, instead of showing calories, measure it with pizzas or burgers like: "You burned 167 burgers in two weeks, congrats!" and display a pile of burgers. This will encourage kids too. [about 14 years ago]

What do you think would encourage people to take a walk?