Flowing Bordeaux, Drinkable Bordeaux, Source of Bordeaux, Liquefying Bordeaux, Root of Bordeaux [over 14 years ago]
French company but English name
cafe´complet [over 14 years ago]
Coffee Packaging
Make an egg liqueur and call it "Eggsactly"! [over 14 years ago]
Please help me invent names and types of liqueurs.
Suzy, Silver [over 14 years ago]
what is a good name for a cat?
Pure Dairy, Total Dairy, Complete Dairy, Perfect Dairy, Dairylicious, Dairy Delight, AllDairy, DairyLine, Dairy'all [over 14 years ago]
dairy farming starting from milk procurement to milkptoducts.
Tasse d'or [over 14 years ago]
Coffee Packaging
FoodFilling [over 14 years ago]
what would you name a fast food restraunt?
Flair [over 14 years ago]
Good Name for a boutique
NonStop [over 14 years ago]
Name for a process improvement project
What would be a great name for a new online jewelry company?
Open House Evening to enlighten people in your area about Japanese culture. Sell food / drinks / art etc. in designated area to raise money during the evening. [over 14 years ago]
Any ideas for raising funds in school?
Create an online "game" for employees and others connected to the business to test their knowledge about the different "we take care" areas. If they choose wrong answer a short right answer pops up. The players of the game can both learn new facts and see what they actually do know. Points? Prizes? If they answer above a certain point rate a financial "prize" could go to some area of the community in need of funds. [over 14 years ago]
What are ideas to communicate the claim "we take care" in the Web?
Fashion snubs smoke with passion! [over 14 years ago]
what will be the best tag line for fashion sector on non-smoking