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It's impulse control. Either their ego is, is bruised. Or they're trying to shove in their point to make their point.

No, but, but that's where it is. And that's for me, That's, to get back to that. I wish that we all could get back to that. To that place where we are, we're not so confined where we're not so locked in to, to, I don't want to hear what you got to say cuz you don't say what I agree with. I never thought that it was wrong for me to listen to somebody just because I don't agree with it. Because, yeah, at a certain point we all think a certain way, but when you're open enough to be able to, I'm gonna just hear your side because guess what? Because I say at the end, Huh, I never thought of that because I was so locked into believing what I would wanted to believe that I didn't have an opportunity to open my mind to heal what others had to say. And I think a lot of people have t that way, and that's Richard Blank: unfortunate. It's impulse control. Either their ego is, is bruised. Or they're trying to shove in their point to make their point. If it's me and it's not a one and a done, but I'm gonna see you tomorrow, why don't you do all the talking? I'll just take the notes so I can calm down and then the next day I can come back to you with a level head and prioritize and, and ask for clarification or to add something, right?My Worthless 2cents Table Podcast has accepted Richard Blank's invitation to join the audience for a solid discussion regarding moving abroad and starting a company from scratch in Costa Rica. Donnie Lewis-The Louisiana Country Boy- discusses with Richard advanced telemarketing strategy, conflict management, interpersonal soft skills, customer support, rhetoric, gamification, employee motivation and phonetic micro expression reading. A place to freely express our thoughts and feelings where your worthless 2cents is priceless sharing our journey with each other,and always remember “Your Approval Not Needed “ Richard’s journey in the call center space is filled with twists and turns. When he was 27 years old, he relocated to Costa Rica to train employees for one of the larger call centers in San Jose. With a mix of motivational public speaking style backed by tactful and appropriate rhetoric, Richard shared his knowledge and trained over 10 000 bilingual telemarketers. Richard Blank has the largest collection of restored American Pinball machines and antique Rockola Jukeboxes in Central America making gamification a strong part of CCC culture.Richard Blank is the Chief Executive Officer for Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008...

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What is the best nearshore call center telemarketing option in Costa Rica?