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I will let you know how much I love dogs on a telemarketing call. Positive Talk Radio guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center

I was just thinking to myself, my first job was not in a call center, but I worked for a, uh, insurance guy. Okay. And he wanted me to call for expiration dates. Sure. And I still remember the, the, uh, um, script that I had that. Hi, my name is Kevin McDonald and I'm calling on behalf of Don Kramer. You're a local farmer's insurance agent. And we would like to know when your, uh, when your, um, policy is going to expire next time so that we can give you a competitive quote. Can you gimme a date when that's gonna. And, uh, and it was, you know, it was fun. I didn't get hung up on a lot, uh, because, you know, if you're, I think if you're engaging and, and you've got a smile in your voice, people are willing to listen to you. Have you, is that been your experience? Is that what you teach? No, absolutely. But off the bat, if I could just do a quick QA on what you just gave me, there is your example. First and foremost, you're using a lot of trigger words there to keep their attention. I like how you're playing on the pronouns.

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