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A CEO that plays pinball and Pacman with the people. Positive Talk Radio guest Richard Blank Costa Rica's Call Center

Well, I know you say of course, but that is a very enlightened viewpoint. There are a lot of companies that just don't operate that way. There are CEOs that cannot find their way to the employee lunchroom. I'm willing to bet that, you know, your way there, not only that I know everybody's name and besides that, I have a gamification culture here. So I play pinball and Pacman with my people. have it the way that we were raised by our grandparents and parents. Is a certain way. And to me, I wish I could give you a financial tip or trick or a CEO cracked code, but I mentioned that one word it's empathy. And just by going old school with people and not being their best friend, but being someone they respect.

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